Game Project - UnsoberNight


Recently a new game named “Detention” just released, my friend and I thought it is really interesting amd we decided to make a 2D horror game.

UN-sober Night

Another un-sober night…Why she doesn’t come home? Where is she?



Further Explanation

Every time our game get any progress, I will post a progress report on my blog. This game will be open source. So when the game finished, I will put all the code on the Github.

The game isn’t necessarily complete, so plz don’t really looking forward to it. The picture under the topic spended me five to six hours… We expected that to finish the game will spend us a year and we possibly give up if we feel tired.

There are only two people in our group. We possibly invite more people to join. We really need some animation and scenes artist. If you are interested, you can send me a mail. I can teach you how to use Spriter to make character animation. I tried to make a walking animation last night lol.

Walking Animation

Next Progress

The storyline is still not complete yet, though the outline and ending is revealed to the public. We’ll introduce the completed storyline and application program interface in our next article and there will also be some updates in art design.