Escape The Room
Project Status
1 weeks
Team Size
Engine / Language
Unreal Engine 4 (Blueprint, C++)
Primary Role
Gameplay Programmer
Escape The Room is a project helps me to get into Unreal Engine 4 from Unity. The game mechanic is clear and it's a good choice to let me test whether the things I learn from Unity could also work on Unreal Engine.
This's a rebuild version of the game what I made by Flash in my 2nd year at university. Player should solve the puzzle and find the door key to escape from the room.
Interaction System
Interaction is the core mechanic of Escape The Room. The concept is what I learn from other programmer in my previous project, used as a means of interacting with items.
Interaction system is component base, so you don't need to write any code or blueprint on that object.
Component Base